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The NFL league has 32 teams.
Yes you can. Simply pick your favorite team to win the Superbowl by clicking the Futures betting option on your preferred NFL team card. You will find the given odds and all the sportsbooks offering these odds. We suggest you try the free expert tips for more important information before making any bet.
There are several options to bet on an NFL team - pick Futures if you're after events that will take place weeks/months from now, for example, a team to make it to the playoffs. Pick Moneyline when you think your team will beat the other team. Pick Totals when you think the NFL game will result in a high or low total score (combine the score of your team and the rival team). Pick Spread when you think there will be a point difference that's giving you an edge.
1693 players play in the NFL. There are 32 NFL teams, each having 53 players on their active roster

Success comes before Work?

Famous NFL coach Vince Lombardi said that the only place where Success comes before Work is the dictionary.

Well, the way we see it, Lombardi was right and wrong... We worked really hard to help you succeed. Our hard work will save you time (and money!) analyzing the best teams, players, betting lines, bonuses and more, to get an edge or improve your margins. So you can find success and won't to put in all that hard work ;)

Our free NFL betting tips can be found next to EACH bet, these tips are based on big data analysis of recent games, live money movements and more. Each NFL team card holds dozens of bet events. From NFL Moneyline (which team will win) to Totals (total points to be scored in game), Spread (point difference) and Futures. If you want to compare 2-3 team betting lines next to one another, no problem! Simply flip the team cards and view the odds. When you're ready - check the Best Bet and click the relevant sportsbook. If you're into Parlays, try our parlay odds calculator, it helps you build up to 10 legs, add each bet's name to help you keep track of things, and gives you your implied probability. Cool, right? Bet basics has more tips, gems, predictions and boosted NFL odds than any other odds comparison site.

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